Biography and exhibitions

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Photographic series
_Trees – Ita: Alberi (1988 >)
_Fitness – Ita: In forma (1999 >)
_Aria – Ita: Aria (2000)
_Those who have lived – Ita: Fanno finta di non esserci (2003-2004)
_Politics – Ita: Politica Uno, Due, Tre, Quattro, Cinque… (2008 >)
_Roundabouts, ana-aesthetic series (2008-2017)
_Around unhappiness – Ita: Sull’infelicità (2010 >)
_Sylvia – Ita: Sylvia (2010 >)
_Unique – Ita: Pezzo unico (2011)
_Photographic Register of Italian Poets – Ita: Registro Fotografico dei Poeti Italiani (2010 >)
_Itself looks at the world – Ita: Se stesso guarda il mondo (2016)
_Apophenical studies – Ita: Studi apofenici (1992 >)

Simone Casetta, born 1961, is an Italian Photographer. In the early seventies he started his photographic training at the studio and darkroom of the portrait photographer Luciano Ferri in Milano. Later on his work balanced from portraits to reportage and at the moment, beside assignments for major magazines and companies, he is producing photographic projects focused on intimate or ethical issues.

His work is entirely done on film, and all the processing is made within his own laboratory, with long-term experience in black and white, color and platinum palladium prints. Simone’s strong respect for the quality of the photographic image goes along with the awareness that photographs should primarily be useful elements for a better-constructed communication and art. For this reason writers and poets are involved in his projects with the production of texts and video interviews. In 2007 he started teaching “Ethics and practice of photography” at ISIA institute in Urbino, master course of Graphic Design. Currently he is working on a portrait series about Italian Poets, with a list of more than 200 names.

Casetta pictures were published in Abitare, Amica, Anna, Brigitte Woman, Capital, Corriere della Sera, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Domus, Focus DE, Gente Viaggi, Gioia, Gulliver, Handelsblatt, Insieme, Io Donna, Lei, Le Monde 2, Photo Italia, Pubblico, Pubblicità Domani, Quark, Sette, Sportweek, Stern, Travesias, Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Sposa.

Main exhibitions:

– Group exhibition “Horizons” curator Marcello de Masi and Xavier Marocco, Ecole La Bonne Graine, Paris, France 2020.
– Personal exhibition “Italian Poets, platinum palladium prints”, Pro Grigioni Italiano – Poschiavo CH, November 2019
– Personal exhibition “Chios, frontière ouverte ?” curators Xavier Marocco and Marcello de Masi, Galerie HorsChamp and Théâtre Sénart, Scène Nationale, Sénart, France 2019.
– Group exhibition “La bellezza resta” curator Simona Bartolena; L’aquila, Chiusa, Italy 2018
– Personal exhibition “Fuori Campo” retrospective, curators Xavier Marocco and Marcello de Masi, Galerie HorsChamp, Sivry-Courtry, France 2017.
– Group exhibition “La bellezza resta” curator Simona Bartolena – Gallery “Biffi” Piacenza, Macerata, Italy 2017.
– Group exhibition “La bellezza resta” curator Simona Bartolena – Gallery “Heart” Vimercate, Italy 2016.
– Personal exhibition “Ritratti del Poetico” curator Martina Biondi, Chiesetta della Villa Gola, Olgiate Molgora Italy 2015.
– Group exhibition “Il quinto elemento” curator Simona Bartolena – Gallery “Heart” Vimercate, Italy 2015.
– Group exhibition “Chibo” curator Simona Bartolena – MUST Museo del Territorio, Vimercate, Italy 2015.
– Personal exhibition – “Alberi Nature Vive”, Gallery Blanchaert, Milano, Italy 2013.
– Personal exhibition “Fanno finta di non esserci…” – Gallery Dosso Dossi – Ferrara, Italy 2012.
– Personal exhibition “Registro fotografico dei poeti italiani” Gallery “Binario 7”, Monza, Italy 2012.
– Personal exhibition “Des Nues…”, curator Xavier Marocco – Galerie HorsChamp, Sivry-Courtry, France 2012.
– Group exhibitiona “I fotografi guardano Milano”, Gallery Belvedere, Milano, Italy 2010.
– Group exhibition – “West” gallery Westlicht, Wien, Austria 2009.
– Personal exhibition “La fabbrica del latte” Milano, Brescia, Rezzato, Parma, Modena, Bologna, Ancona, Chiaravalle, Fabriano… 20 editions – Italy 2008-2009.
– 9 works from the series “Fanno finta di non esserci…” – “Contemporary Art Event” Lille, France 2004.
– Personal exhibition – “10 anni di Eurochocolate” 2004, Rocca Paolina, Perugia, Italy 2004.
– Group exhibition – “I come Infanzia”, Gallery Palazzo delle Stelline, Milano, Italy 2002.
– Personal exhibition – Alberi Nature Vive, Gallery Grafio, Prato, Italy 2001.
– Personal exhibition – Alberi Nature Vive, color and platinum palladium prints, Studio Ciocca, Lugano CH 1999.
– Personal exhibition – Alberi Nature Vive, Luisa via Roma, Firenze Italy 1997.
– Personal exhibition – Alberi Nature Vive, Spazio Opos – Milano Italy 1995.
– Group exhibition – Kodak Cultura “Il ritratto”, Gallery Diaframma Milano, Italy 1995.
– Group exhibition – Amnesty International, Milano Italy 1994.
– Personal exhibition – Festival Campsirago teatro, Campsirago, Italy 1994.
– Group exhibition – “Italian Photographers”, Museo della fotografia di Bergamo, Italy 1994.

© portrait photo by f. B.